3 Benefits of Using Network Access Control Software

For large companies and organizations that have a large number of employees and third-party individuals who consistently need to access the network, internal protection is necessary. While firewalls and anti-viruses will protect your company’s network from external threats, using network access control software you can protect your assets from within by controlling directly who has access to specific elements of your network. Here are three major benefits of implementing network access control technology for your company.

Protection From Outside Devices

With many companies allowing bring your own device (BYOD) policies which permit employees and third-parties to bring their personal devices to work and even connect to the internet, extra protection must be in place to limit what employees can access when using the company network system. Since personal devices can carry a wide range of threats with them that can compromise the security of your network, access to important assets should be limited.

Determine Who Has Access to Specific Assets

Most likely, your company has a wide range of employees with different roles. There is some information that is important for management or HR personnel to have access to that you don’t want other employees to get ahold of. With network access control, you can allow for role-based network access which determines who has access to different aspects of the network based on their role in the company.

Help Prevent Infiltration From Outside Threats

A network access control system can make it much more difficult for hackers to make their way deep into your network. By restricting access to third-parties or sources that could be targeted by hackers, you can prevent your own network from being hacked as a result. Your best bet is to pair this technology with an APT detection product which can reveal threats and affected systems before hackers are able to do any more damage.